Monday, 16 September 2013

What I'm Making: Camera Bag Insert

Back to school has been very crazy, as I assume it has been  for almost everyone. My semester has gotten off to a pretty good start, though. I even have a couple fun classes. The one I am most excited about is a digital photography course.

I got my camera several years ago, but until recently it was homeless without a camera bag. I knew I wanted something nice, not a traditional camera bag. I came across a black faux-leather studded bag at H&M that would fit my camera perfectly and knew that I had found the bag.

But, I thought my camera would probably need a little more protection. 
My camera is bigger than a point-and-shoot but smaller than a DSLR. I would take a picture of it but that would require some awkward mirror selfies.


I roughly traced around my camera to get the general size of what the pattern should be.

With measurements and a little more finesse I made three pattern pieces. Always remember to add seam allowances!

I cut out my pattern pieces and sewed them together as interior and exterior. I used quilt batting for padding and a velcro closure.


I sewed the interior and exterior together and it was done! Just imagine my camera in there.

As you can see I used adorable Beatrix Potter inspired fabric. Now my camera has a home!

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