Monday, 31 March 2014

DIY: Two-tone Chevron Stud Earrings

I have been gone a little longer than I thought I would have been. But, the blog makeover is done... for now. On to crafty things! I have seen a few cool tutorials for earrings made out of clay. But not everyone has some, or wants to buy a big package just to make a few earrings. Here, I introduce to you earrings made out of cardboard! Chances are you have some of that lying around.


Two Different Paints; Sealer; Paint Brush

Medium-thickness Dense Cardboard

Stud Earring Components

Strong Glue

Scissors; Tweezers 

Cut out four tiny diamond shapes from your cardboard. Paint both sides: two one colour and two the other colour. Hold the diamonds with tweezers while you paint them to save your fingers from getting messy. If your cardboard is dark and your paint light, you may want to paint a white base coat. Let them dry.

Assemble the diamonds into chevron shapes, with the good sides down. Put a glob of glue onto the stud earring pad and glue in place. The pads on my studs were a little too big so I had to trim one side with wire cutters. It is recommended that the glue dry overnight, but if you are impatient like me go on to the next step after letting dry a couple minuets. Just be sure to handle carefully.

Touch up any unpainted spots. Paint two coats of sealer on the front and carefully on the back around the earring pad. Let dry over night, and they are ready to wear.

Now don't go swimming or dancing in the rain with these on. The sealer will protect them from a sprinkle of water, but they are not water proof.


  1. These are lovely, just lovely! Nice tutorial!


  2. Adorable! Love the shape and color choice, you can't even tell they're made from cardboard!

    1. Thank you. You can never go wrong with chevron, gold, and pastel!

  3. Cardboard! So smart. They turned out super cute. It would make me so happy if you came by and linked up at The Makers link party over on my blog, :)

  4. Saw this on craft gawker: So cute and I love your blog design!

  5. Brilliant idea! And your earrings look adorable too!

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