Friday, 14 June 2013

DIY: Craft Lace and Box Chain Bracelet

There's no doubting it, this past year has been the year for craft lace. Everyone has seen the ever-popular chain and cobra stitch bracelet. Of course I also had to jump on the band wagon and buy tons of it. Yet I still haven't used it all up (actually I still have A LOT left). But for those of you who have gone craft lace crazy and only have scraps left, this is the bracelet for you.


Bright and on trend, just in time for summer.

  • Craft Lace- two colors
  • Box Chain
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Three Jump-rings 
  • Glue

Measure and cut your box chain to the desired length. I got this chain in the clearance section at Micheal's, and it was already the right length for my wrist. Cut equal lengths of each color of craft lace. I measured the lace to the length of my arm, but when I finished they still ended up being a little too long. Knot them together at one end, and thread them through the first 'box' on your bracelet.
The knot will probably loosen while your working so keep and eye on it.

Lay the chain so that the knot is facing towards you and the two ends are facing away. Take one piece of craft lace and fold it over top of the chain, then thread it through the bottom of the third 'box'. Pull the lace tight.

The lace should be diagonally crossed over the second box. Craft lace can get twisted easily, you might need to fiddle with it to make it lay flat.

Continue threading the lace through until you reach the last 'box'. Repeat with the second color on the other side. As you can see my knot is almost undone, just tighten it or re-tie it.

When you've reached the end, knot the two laces together. Pull them as tight as possible. Put a few dabs of glue on the knots to secure them, let dry. Trim the excess lace at both ends. Attach the clasp to one end of the chain with one of the jump-rings. Attach another jump-ring to the other end of the chain, attach the last jump ring to that jump-ring.
The box chain that I was using was quite big, so I had to use the biggest jump-rings I had. I attached two jump-rings to one end of the chain to give the clasp a little more movement.

I'm absolutely in love with this bracelet. I gave the the green and blue one to my sister, who has not taken it off since.

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