Friday, 3 January 2014

DIY: Chevron Tassel Necklace

Happy new year everyone! I hope it has been good to you so far.


I made this necklace a little while ago with the idea that it would go perfect with a dress for new years eve. But it is also a great everyday necklace.

  • Two chevron (V-shaped) beads
  • Long chain
  • Chain Tassel
  • Two jump rings
  • Jewelery wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Needle or chain nose pliers

Cut a length of wire and string both beads onto it.

Use the round nose pliers to create wrapped loops on both sides of the beads. The top one is a little bit tricky, but possible.

Attach the chain tassel to the bottom loop with a jump ring. If you do not have a chain tassel do not fret. A way to make one is to just string short chains onto a jump ring.

Measure the chain around your neck and cut to your desired length. Attach the ends of the chain to the top loop with a jump ring. I decided not to add a clasp to this necklace because it is so long and I can just slip it over my head. But if you do want to add a clasp: cut your measured chain in half and add the clasp components to the ends.

Another version.


I made this tassel from little scraps of chain and a jump ring.

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