Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I'm Making: Patch Pocket Shorts

I have been thinking of ways to expand things on my blog away from just DIY tutorials. I make so many more things than what I post in tutorials, many late at night or during non-optimal photo taking time. Or things that are so easy you don't need a tutorial. I am always inspired to make things I see in photos that I find around the internet, and not necessarily in tutorials. So I've decided to add a new section called "What I'm Making", in hopes that the photos I post will inspire you! So here it goes!

This summer I realized that I needed more shorts, well... more fashionable shorts. And jean shorts have never been more fashionable, especially cutoffs.

These shorts were originally skinny jeans that were hiding in the back of my closet not being worn for years. The easiest makeover was to cut them into shorts. But they still needed to be amped up a little more. When I came across this tutorial I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

 I didn't follow exactly word for word.

For one thing, the fabric I picked was this really thick leftover seat cushion material. I decided not to fold over the edges, instead just zig-zag the edges to stop them from fraying. Then I sewed them onto the jeans.

I've gotten a ton of comments on them. But, the pocket fabric has started to fray so I need to trim it every once in a while. So, are you loving this trend? Yay or nay?

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