Monday, 29 July 2013

Some Inspiration: Styling Flower Crowns

Let me first point out that I am no professional flower crown maker nor an expert fashionista. But I do believe that I have the basics down in both areas. Earlier, I decided that I needed to jump on the the flower crown bandwagon and make some of my own. I totally scored at my local Michaels, where fake flowers were discounted to 80% off. I bought five bunches for less than one at regular price!

So here are the pretty little flower crowns that I made! I know they're probably not as good as others out there. I couldn't find a tutorial that I really liked, so I just did my own thing.

Now I would assume that some people have reservations about wearing a flower crown because they don't want to look crazy. I know I did. Here, I've put together some outfit inspiration and tips to make your flower crown standout without looking crazy (hopefully) this summer.

Two styles that I think flower crowns would really compliment are boho and edgy/punk. Boho is an obvious choice, but punk? Black and white graphic tees, a leather jacket or vest, scuffed up combat boots or converse paired with a bright and fun flower crown would make a cool contrast.

 Hamsa Shirt: Winners
Denim Shorts: Dynamite
Runners: Converse All-Stars

This is about as punk as it gets for my sister and I, however. Neither of us leans heavily towards that end of the style spectrum.

Dream Catcher Shirt: Lovely Girl Collection (brand)
Water Colour Skirt: handmade
Shoes: Payless

Is your crown bright or pastel? If it is bright, keep the rest of you outfit to muted colours to make it really pop.


Lace Shirt: handmade
Floral Shorts: Target

We found this pretty feather on our photographing adventure.

Keep the dreamy vibe going if your crown is pastel by complimenting it with neutrals and textures like lace.


This is another crown that I made. It is a wire garland curled around into a crown.

This is my sister's "you can't see me" pose.

Don't think that you need to go to a music festival to wear a flower crown. I wore one to a family picnic last week!

Big thanks to my sister for modeling- you'll be on America's Next Top Model in no time!

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