Tuesday, 20 August 2013

DIY: Wrapped Bangle

Do you have any ugly, old, or uninteresting bangles sitting around? Its so easy to update them with a little scrap suede and leather cord!

When it comes to crafting I'm always skeptical about using hot glue. For some projects it can be useful, but 99% of the time I'll choose another type of glue over it. But, this is that 1% of the time that I chose to use hot glue.

  • Thick Bangle Bracelet
  • Suede and/or Leather Cording
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Heat up your glue gun! Put a dab of glue on one side of your bangle, press the end of your cording into it.
I burnt my fingers several times over the course of this tutorial, so be careful.

Wrap the cord tightly around the bangle several times, add another dab of glue and press the cording into it. Keep wrapping and adding glue. Keep the glue to one side of the bangle as you might notice that the side with the glue will be slightly messier than the side without.

If you have a long enough piece you could go all the way around your bangle. But, I only had scraps so... onto the next colour.

Start the next piece the same way you started the first, just make sure to line it up with the last piece. You might notice that the cord starts to become kind of angled.

Keep wrapping and gluing until you come back to where you started. To finish off you might need to overlap the last piece of cording with the first until you've covered up all the bangle.

This is the side with all the glue on it. Kind of icky, got to pick all that glue off.

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