Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY: Multi-Strand Chain Necklace to Bracelet

Do you have a favorite necklace from your Grandmother (or just a fabulous vintage find)? For me it's hard to choose because my Grandmother gave me so many. I have this one:


I like it, but have never worn it because it's not really my style. Also, the main reason I like it is just for the clasp. Which you can't see when you're wearing it. 


So, I turned it into a bracelet where the clasp is the focal point. Follow for how to turn a multi-strand chain necklace into a bracelet. 

  • Multi-strand chain necklace
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters

Start by removing all the chains from one side of the clasp. Don't loose the jump-rings, you'll need them later.
I didn't want the big chain that was in the middle so I removed that one as well and attached some extra chain from one of the other strands in its place.

Wrap one of the outer chains around your wrist to measure, cut it to the right length.

Cut the other chains to the same length.

Use the jump-rings that you saved from before to attach the chains back to the clasp. Done!


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