Friday, 31 May 2013

Thrifted: Fringe Top

Whenever I go thrifting, it always seems that I have to leave with at least one thing. So after sifting through racks and racks at my local thrift shop I came across this interesting crocheted fringe top. Lacy shirts are kind of my thing, and I may or may not have way too many of them. At first I loved it, but when I tried it on it was kind of Eh and the sleeves were awful.

But when thrifting you always have to remember not what the item is, but what it could be. With a little sewing magic, here is how I transformed this fringed top.

The shirt had a weird beige lining under the crocheted part. First I removed the sleeves by seam ripping the serging. 
Because there were two layers of fabric I basted them together (blue thread) at a quarter inch.

I folded the hem over a quarter inch (so that the blue thread was on the fold line) and top stitched.

Almost finished. Now to remove the pins, rip out the basting, and trim the threads.

All done and ready to wear. I had to bribe my sister to model for me, but the shirt looks super cute with a pair of jean shorts. Now all I need is some sun so I can wear it out.

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