Wednesday, 31 December 2014

DIY: Ear Pin

 Need some last minute New Year's Eve jewels, or something simple and pretty to start the new year off right? Well, nothing could be easier than an ear pin. They may be a little confusing at first: as in, "how does that thing even go in your ear?" But, once you get the hang of them you'll want to make a million.

Supplies (to make one ear pin):
-Round nose pliers
-Wire cutters
-Head pin
-Small beads of your choice

Thread your beads onto the head pin. Bend the head pin to a 90 degree angle at the base of the last bead. Make sure that the beads are snug together.

Clamp the wire right next to the last bead with your round nose pliers. Bend the wire around so that it is parallel to the beads.

            Trim the wire- not too short, you can always shorten it again after you try it on. If the cut wire is pointy, take some sandpaper (or even a nail file) and gently sand the end.

To put on: thread the wire through an earlobe piercing like a regular earring. Ease the bend through the piercing. It may be easier to put it on 'upside-down' first, so that you are pulling the wire down and the beads point towards your shoulder. Twist the earring around so that the beads sit, pointing up, on the front of your earlobe, and the wire sits comfortably on the back. Lightly pinch the beads and wire so the earring stays in place.

 There are endless options for this style of earring, so go crazy and experiment!

Happy New Year!

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