Tuesday, 26 August 2014

DIY: Wire Wrapped Post Earrings


Two popsicle sticks; scissors, sandpaper

Jewelry wire; wire cutters

Paint; paint brush

Stud earring components; glue

Carefully cut your popsicle sticks in half length-ways. Popsicle sticks tend to splinter, so cut slowly. Afterwards, I realized that wooden coffee stir sticks would probably work really good as well, but use what you have on hand.
Depending on how well your sticks hold up to cutting, you may actually only end up needing one.

Now, cut your sticks into approximately 1 3/4 inch posts, but you may like them longer or shorter. Sand any rough patches and splinters.
Paint on one or two coats of your colour of choice. Let dry.

Trim down the sides of your ear studs to about the width of your posts.

Glue the studs near one end of each of your posts. Dab a little more glue beneath the ear stud on the long end of the post.

Cut approximately 6 inches of wire. Press one end of the wire into the glue and wrap the rest around your post. Let dry over night.

Now, wear your cool new earrings! Here are some ideas on customization:

Wrap the wire in neat rows or in an X-shaped pattern.

Colour block the ends, or sprinkle them in glitter when the paint is still wet.

Make them really long for a dramatic statement (or if you want to poke someone's eye out).

Add your idea in the comments!


  1. clever, cheap & beautiful ! well done ! marianne