Monday, 19 May 2014

Thrifted: Shirts, Purses, and Plaid Fabric

Nothing is better than spending a morning with a good friend sifting through isles of used clothing until your hands feel like they are covered in dust and smell like moth balls.

I really like the pocket watch and fountain pen print on this shirt, but I think it may need some upcycling.

My name is Caroline and I am a purse-oholic. I couldn't decide between the two and just ended up getting both of them.

A little interesting gold detailing on the side of this purse.

I have been looking for a really good plaid fabric for a while. This is a pretty big chunk that only cost me seven bucks! What should I make?

This is actually a money clip, but I liked the unicorn so much that I had to get it. I was thinking of stringing it on a chain to make a necklace?

Are you a thrifter? What was the best/most interesting thing you have ever found?

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