Tuesday, 16 July 2013

DIY: Crochet Flower Hair Clips

Need something super adorable to put in your hair this summer? Well, look no further.

These use pre-made crochet flowers that I found in Michaels. But I'm sure if you're crafty enough with crochet needles you could probably make some yourself.

  • Thin Wire
  • Hair Clips (with holes in them)
  • Crochet Flowers
  • Assorted Beads
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers

Cut a small piece of wire. Thread a bead into the middle. Bend the two sides of the wire away from the bead.
I was thinking of what you could use if you don't have any thin wire like this. A substitute could be the wire from a long paper twist-tie; just rip the paper away. They can usually be found in the bulk section of your grocery store (used to tie the bulk bags).

Bring the two wires together and twist them several times.

Thread the twisted wires through the center of the crochet flower.

Then, thread the wires through the hole in the hair clip so that the flower and bead are on the top of the clip.
I found these clips with holes in them in the crochet and knitting section of Michaels. I know, weird place to find them?

Bend the two wire in opposite directions against the back of the clip.

Take one wire and wrap it around to the top of the clip (underneath of the flower) and back through the hole. Continue wrapping around the clip until you reach the end of the wire. Repeat with the other wire.

Tuck the two wire ends under the flower so that they won't poke you or get caught in you hair. Done!

The pink and white hair clips are made with one bead in the center, while the brown one is made with a cluster in the center. Follow below for how I did that.

 Thread at least five beads onto your wire. Bend the beads and wire into a sort-of circle.

Take one wire end thread it back through two beads on the opposite wire so that it forms a circle.

Pull the wires tight. Now you can use this like a single bead and follow the above instructions.

My sister's hair is incredibly thick (jealous) and needs all the clips she can get just to keep it tamed.

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